Below is a small list of projects I have worked on in the past, in various stages of incompletion. Many of these projects were never intended to be completed, simply for my entertainment and experimentation.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.
Download and store data for NLP from RSS feeds.
Train and pickle NLTK classifier using pre-classified headlines in the database.
Load pickled NLTK classifier, classify headlines and store the degree of positivity
Sentiment classification using TensorFlow
Deep Neural Net Test with TFLearn, pickled inputs and pre-trained model.
NeuralNetwork from scratch using numpi (from tutorial) Р(Non-functional work in progress, experiment with static S3 sites, jekyll, AngularJS, nginx/uwsgi/flask, Python, TensorFlow)

Unity3D (C#/JS multi platform game engine)
Augmented Reality, Optical Glyph Tracking. (need to create demo video or show in person)

Panda3D (python game engine with C++ hooks):
Collision Detection, Networking, Dynamic Terrain Loading
Physics, Complex Terrain
Lighting and Shadows, issues with shadows when plans were rendered 2 sided
Minecraft Inspired, experiment with octree classes
Real Time Strategy game controller

Woodworking and Laser Cutting:
Wood Gear Wall Art, laser cut
TV Console
Upholstered Kingsize Bed
ETSY Store w/ laser cut children’s decor (closed 2014) – Closed ~2013
SaaS product enabling realtors and car dealers to create text message campaigns to collect leads and provide information to potential customers. (Technology Used: AWS EC2 & EBS, Twilio API, WordPress, MySQL, PHP, Python, FreshBooks)

Original Site:

Support Videos:
Create Account
Purchase Phone Numbers – Closed ~2012
Shared web hosting side business I ran for several years. This project was shuttered around 2012 but I still support a small amount of clients. (Technology Used: cPanel, WHM, WHMCS, WordPress, PHP, MySQL)

Original Site: